The Showring

The Eastern Bearded Collie Association currently hosts 2 shows per year: The Open show in Nov. and the Championship show in April.

The Open Show also hosts an Obedience show alongside the showring.

To support up and coming judges the Committee run seminars to assist with education towards inclusion on the A3 and B lists.

If you are interested in showing and want to know more please feel free to contact  any of the Officers or committee members who will be happy to provide information.

 EBCA  Ch Show 2014

DCC  : Wellknowe Knight Errand  ( achieving his Title on the day)

RDCC : Potterdale Platinum Plus

BPD:  Megamaree Rock Legend with Roseollie

Judge : Mrs. Viv Stevens ( Whistbrae)

BCC : Ch. Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae  (achieving her Title on the day)

RBCC: Ch. Potterdale Star Potential

BPB : Balfarg Be All And End All

Judge :Miss  Leslie Thomlinson ( Coalacre)

BIS:  Sengalas Breaking Dawn with Clovabrae JW

RBIS: Ch. Potterdale Star Potential

BPIS: Balfarg Be All And End All

BVIS: Wellknowe Knight Errand

Judge: Mrs. Rosie Haywood ( Binbusy)

EBCA Ch Show 2015

DCC : Lochbarra Moonwalker (achieving his Title on the day)

RDCC : Alistairs Ready Made for Malarkey JW

Judge Mrs. Justine Waldron ( Snowmead)

BCC & BOS :  Seagulls Potterdale Ringside Rumour 

RBCC:  Ch. Pattishawl Just The One to Cheryshd JW

Judge: Mr. Alan Stevens ( Whistbrae)

BIS : Lochbarra Moonwalker

RBIS:  Alistairs Ready Made for Malarkey JW

Judge : Mrs. Barbara Walker - Smith  (Briaridge)

BVB  &  BVIS : Ch Debbeacol Pride and Joy JW

BPB : Jolie Fille des Emeraud du Lac avec Lubin

Judge : Mr. Alan Stevens

BVD : Int. & UK Ch  Firstprizebears Enfield 

BPD  &  BPIS :  Kitesover Passchendale Boy

Judge :  Mrs. Justine Waldron  ( Snowmead)

EBCA Open Show 2015

BIS : Kilfinan Country Shadow at Elemark JW

RBIS : Kitesover Passchendale Boy JW

BPIS:  Braemoray Loch an Eilein

Judge : Mrs. Sarah Ritchie ( Cheryshd)

BVIS:  Ch Athemburg New Beginning

Judge: Mrs. Sarah Ritchie (Cheryshd)

Obedience Winners:  Athemburg Ruby Lady and Ch Athemburg New Beginning

Judge:  Mr.  John Taylor

EBCA Ch Show 2016

BIS  : Subessen Echoes of Power  JW ( achieving his title on the day)

RBIS:  Ch. Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW ShCM

BPIS :  Miners Lake Breaking News for Northlander

BVIS :  Ch. Athemburg New Beginning .

Dog Judge: Mr. Tony Bush ( Manortonway)

Bitch judge: Mr. Les Griffiths  (Silene)

Judge: Mrs. Frances Chapman -King ( Strathcarra/Inzievar)

BCC : Gillaber Benachie JW

RBCC: Braemoray Loch an Eilein JW

B PB : Snikkles Love In A Mist

Judge:  Mr. Les Griffiths ( Silene)

BVIS: Ch. Athemburg New Beginning

Judge: Mrs. Frances Chapman - King ( Strathcarra/ Inzievar)