Bearded Collie puppies : sweet, charming, cheeky, playful, lively , funny, loving, loyal , intelligent.

What family could resist?  They are all of the above and more but if you are looking for a dog that does not need a lot of exercise, grooms and baths itself, comes fully trained and cleans up after itself this delightful ball of fluff is not for you!

The Bearded Collie is a robust  dog who was bred to do a job of work and whilst he will happily fit into family life he does need a regular routine  with daily walks , thorough grooming and sensible training. Bearded Collies have a reputation for being  clowns but don't  be deceived ; they  learn quickly but will become bored easily so a little imagination is required to keep their attention , however they can be trained and do enjoy obedience, tracking , agility, showing , herding and many other disciplines .

The Bearded Collie is generally regarded as a  good all round family member if you observe the above advice so if this breed is for you the following contacts will assist you to find a reputable breeder who will be only too happy to ensure you have the right puppy for your circumstances and who will be available to offer advice and support if/when needed. For more information E mail [email protected]

Also see the Kennel Club and Bearded Collie Connection  websites.