In general the Bearded  Collie is a healthy breed often living well into their teens. Responsible Breeders will health test for any hereditary problems which may be a concern and the tests currently carried out  are for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Collie Eye Anomaly. Many Championship shows also run Clinics to test  for other eye conditions . Auto immune mediated diseases and Cancers are a general cause for concern in all pedigree and crossbreed dogs and breeders of good reputation will monitor any issues in their lines and will discuss with prospective puppy purchasers . The 6 Bearded Collie Clubs each have 2 representatives currently serving on the Joint Breeds Liaison Committee who each report back to their Club to keep the members updated on any ongoing issues and future plans . The representatives for EBCA are Dave  Morrant and Tony Burscough (contact details can be found on committee page).


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ATTENTION ! UK Florinef treatment for Addison's Disease is changing to Zycortal

"People who are looking after a dog with Addison's disease should be aware that the treatment in the UK is changing. 

A product called Zycortal is to replace Florinef. It is an injectable mineralocorticoid and it is usually given about once a month. The UK vets will have to get used to this form of replacement mineralocorticoid, so they will be learning too. 

This is not a new treatment for Addison's because it has been used under the name of  Percorten-V in the USA for a long time but it has not available in the UK unless shipped over by special licence.  Clearly, they now have a licence to use this in the UK.  It does seem to control Addison's well once the optimum dose is established for the individual dog.

As far as I know Addisonian humans still use Florinef so it will be produced.  The problem is when a new drug comes on the market licenced for veterinary use the vet is obliged to use it,  and not the human equivalent drug without good reason and permission from the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate).

Percorten-V is sometimes known as DOCP.  This is only a mineralocorticoid, unlike Florinef which has mineralocorticoid and a small amount of glucocorticoid (prednisolone).  This means that a glucocorticoid supplementation still has to be given and this might be on a daily basis or an every other day basis, depending on the requirements of the dog.  Also, additional pred will still have to be given in stressful situations.

This isn't anything to become alarmed over but it will mean a new learning curve for you and your vet".

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